Monday, January 10, 2011

The Mythical Bolognese

Well.....we were wondering if such a dish existed, especially after last night's adventures !!
We popped into "Eataly" for dinner last night: it's a restaurant & shop chain set up by the Slow Food movement (quite big in this part of Italy).
Can someone explain to me how a restaurant in Bologna....runs out of Bolognese ??
Also...can someone explain how restaurant can't make up a plate of cheeses & salami when the restaurant is being run out of the freakin' deli where WE CAN SEE THE CHEESES & SALAMI on display ??
And...while I'm on a rant...since when does "al dente" mean "raw in the middle" ?? that I've had my little rant.......we had a lovely plate of tagliatelli al ragu (tagliatelli with bolognese) Modena !!


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