Friday, December 24, 2010

It really is a Winter Wonderland

Hiya folks,

Sorry for not updating the blog for the last few days but we don't have great reception out at the castle.

The castle has been great. Tania & I have been staying up on the top floor room. That's been good (we're developing buns of steel) but it's been a killer on the knees & ankles. The trouble with a 17th Century castle is: no elevator !!!!
Here's how cold it's been !!

The weather has been good (no snow) but it's been freezing. The maximum temperature hasn't been over 0 degrees celcius. Driving around the countryside, we're driving with an average temperature of about -7 degrees. The worst so far has been -11 degrees.

Here's the castle at sunrise (ie: 9.30am)

Here we are at the Cliffs of Moher. It was a beautiful, sunny day
but the whole countryside was covered in snow.
We also did a trip up the Burren. While looking for the Burren Perfumery, I swear we must have passed into Narnia at one point: it had that sort of feel to it.

We're getting ready for Christmas now: It'll be a mid-morning breakfast followed by a late lunch, followed by staying up late to watch the start of the Boxing Day test match.

Well....I'll leave it at that for the moment. Tania & I wish you all a wonderful Christmas (wherever in the world you are). Stay safe if you're travelling.


Blogger elizard said...

Happy Christmas to the happy couple. Hugs. Btw we almost had a white Christmas here (well in the mountains)

Glad you packed the warm clothes.

Liz, Anthony Abigail and Tamara

9:03 pm  

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