Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years in Edinburgh

Hiya folks,

Happy New Years from Edinburgh. Tania, Mary-Ann & myself wandered into town last night to celebrate Hogmanay. We didn't actually get to the official street party, but kinda wandered around the periphery from pub to pub before popping into a party of friends of Mary-Ann: they were all writers.

We were nannas & left the party before the clock hit midnight (watched the fireworks on TV though).

Today was spent recovering from last night's festivities: we went to this great place called "Monster Mash" which specialises in Bangers & Mash (you choose the sausage; the type of mash; the gravy & sides). It was just the sort of thing that you needed on a day like today...really hit the spot.

We then wandered down into the old town & just have a look around. Lots of things going on & lots of pubs open.

Welcome to 2011 !! Hope you all had a great New Years.


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