Thursday, December 30, 2010

Greetings from Scotland

Hiya folks,

When we last left our blog, it was Christmas eve. Christmas eve was...shall we say....a bit raucous (see photo below):
This photo is one of the more sensible ones but the Russian hats did feature throughout hte evening's proceedings. It all got a bit silly as the night wore on. We had quite a few to drink & there was a fear late in the evening that we woudn't have enough wine to last us on Christmas day. Rachel even got on the phone, at one point, to call the local taxi driver to get him to buy more alcohol. Thankfully, he didn't answer.

We woke to a beautiful sunny & crisp day on Christmas: the temperature at 10.30am was -11 degrees. We had a big breakfast fry up mid-morning, took a bit of a break before sitting down to lunch at abut 4.30pm: roast turkey, roast lamb, roast vegetables & sweet potato mash with mashmellows (yum !!)

With our bellies full from the hours of eating, we retired up to the Sitting room (on the third floor) where we spent the rest of the day & evening sitting around the fire. As the group who were staying at the Coach House made their way back to bed, the wind had started to pick up & it felt a little bit wamer.

When we woke on Boxing Day, all the snow, frost & ice was gone: it had rained overnight; the rain & wind had blown the winter wonderland away. It was a bit of a freak out to suddenly see all this green surrounding the castle grounds. It had also warmed up to 9 degrees.

Our last full day at the castle was spent packing, eating our way through the huge amounts of leftovers & having a bit of a party with the owners of the castle. We finally got to eat the pudding that had been cooking for the last two days (see photos below).

We are now in Edinburgh where it's been a hell of alot warmer (we had a maximum of 5 degrees the other day). We've been hitting the shops big time & generally taking it easy. It Hogmanay tomorrow night & the town is getting ready.

We'll be going to a party nearby so we're really looking forward to it. Can I just say that the early sunsets (at 4.30pm) are really messing with our body clocks (just thought I'd share)

Well...I'll leave it at that for the time being.

Catch you on the next post.


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