Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cafe-hopping in Torino

When we last left our wayward & wandering adventurers, they were trawling the various coffee & chocolate houses in the fair city of Torino. it was discovered that some of the said coffee & chocolate houses also serve a fine selection of wines & Champagne for quite reasonable prices (we paid 3 Euros for a glass of Moscato at one place & paid 8 Euros for a glass of Tattinger at another). The catch is that you don’t sit down & just stand there at the bar. have to see the selection of nibblies you get for standing at the bar (for those who can't eat's best to check under the cheese for that odd piece of anchovie: Tania nearly hurled her nibbly back across the bar !!). This one place we went to......Cafe one the original Turin-style bars that has turn-of-the-19th Century decor, impeccably dressed staff & a selection of mouth-watering delicacies (see below).

I have to say...we’re loving this cafe-hopping !!

Also...we found the best selection of classy kitsch fridge magnets (photo to follow soon)....including a Shroud of Turin fridge magnet (gotta love that Catholic Church marketing machine !!).

Every chocolate shops reckons their chocolates are the best in the city (you have to try the gelatine fruits too !!!) but you know what?? They’re all great !! You’ll go ga-ga over any of the chocolates here !!

Well...that’s it from us for this post. Until the next one....Take care.


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