Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Greetings from Torino

Well folks,

This next part of the trip sees us in wonderful Turin (Torino): the city of Gianduja chocolate & Lavazza chocolate.

It's one of my favourite cities in Italy & I just love wandering the streets to soak up the atmosphere (& all the shops).

Torino is one of the great culinary cities of Italy: mainly due to it's great coffee (Lavazza is based here) & the endless supply of chocolate shops (many of then artisan) that abound throughout the city.

Tania & I are making the most of trying to taking in as many of the said coffee & chocolate houses that we can.
The most famous coffee house is this place (see below):
Al Bicerin. What you see in this photo is the famous Bicerin drink (a hot drink of coffee, hazelnut chocolate & cream). Mmmmm....can you feel those artieries hardening ??

In order to make up for all that chocolaty goodness, Tanika & I have done a fair bit of walking around the city (it is such an easy place to walk around (see the old roman Gate below:)

Well....that's it from us at the moment. Another day of exploring the great coffee houses, chocolate shops...oh & museums tomorrow.

Tania asked me to mention that she picked up this great pair of faux fur-lined crocs (I don't it either !!)

Until the next post. Take care.


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