Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wandering in Venice

Ah Venice !!
We spent three lovely days here, exploring the streets & the shops (bought some beautiful leather diaries; leather address books, a lovely pen & this really cool letter opener).

Our hotel was little place tucked away in (what seemed) one of the more up-market parts of Venice: D&G, Prada & Bulgari were just some of the shops we would walk past on our way to St. Mark’s Square (a three minute walk).
The Vaporetto dropped us off at our hotel stop right out the front of the famous “Harry’s Bar” (we thought that to be some sort of sign). For those that don’t know, “Harry’s Bar” is where the Bellini cocktail (Prosecco & peach puree) was created. So....you just have to go there to try a true Bellini & that’s what we did.
The place is smaller than we expected but it certainly oozes class (what were we doing there then you ask ??). The waiters all looked as though they’d just come off shift from one of the bars on the Titanic. We tried the original Bellini & I have to say...it was kinda disappointing !! We suspect that they have a big batch of the stuff pre-mixed under the bar & that’s what they served us. Oh well...you have to try these things.
Speaking of trying things...in case you were wondering how much a cappuccino costs in St. Mark’s Square: we popped into this bar & ordered a cappuccino & macchiato. The cost: Euro 18.20 !! Ouch !!


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