Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't believe the hype

Well...we’d booked the “honeymoon” suite on the overnight train from Venice to Paris. We were quite excited about it. We hopped onto the train & this was the reality of what we’d booked:

Obviously....the word “doppio” has more than one meaning !!
Plus...we had to fit all the bags you saw in the photo in my previous post: it required some logistical syncronisation.

To ease the pain of the trip, we bought some pre-mixed Bellinis from this little shop near the station: they were so much better than the stuff at “Harry’s Bar”. Obviously a different supplier.

While on the train, we were offered a seat in the dining car & booking for dinner. We thought: why not !!

We knew it wasn't going to be like the dinner on the train in the movie "Casino Royale", but we thought it would be nice.

Well...what we got was a entree of penne pasta with a simple pork ragu (or tomato-based sauce); one piece of bread; a main of braised beef & veal (the beef was over-cooked & quite tough); a slice of really lovely cake & a selection of fruit (not too good looking pears or apples). Served with two 500ml bottles of Sicilian red & a bottle of water....the total cost of the meal came to.......drum roll please.........euro 81.20 !!!


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