Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A day at Murano

Took a bit of a break from Venice today & headed out to the island of Murano.

We got the Vaparetto & took in the scenery of Venice (& even saw the snow-covered Alps off in the background). At one point, a group of old ladies got on to the boat: they were dressed in their best furs (we’re talking rare-endangered species-type fur....damm..they looked good in them !!) & had their (real) Louis Vuitton bags. They chattered away & all got off at this one stop.
Obviously it was all happening there.

Murano is like Venice on dope. It’s way slower & far more mellow.

We spent our time there wandering the shops.

We ended up buying some beautiful glasses.

Lunch was at this little bar: the only one we could find open. We started up a conversation with these two guys beside us who worked on the island. We talked food, wine & travel and our mutual dislike of the Parisians!


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