Monday, August 28, 2006

First blog

Hiya Folks,

This is my blog which I'll be using to share with you all my adventures as I travel through Europe, experiencing the culinary delights the UK, Spain, Italy & Ireland have to offer.

The highlight of the trip (well...actually...the whole purpose) will be the EuroChocolate 2006 festival held (every year) in Perugia. But it's not just the chocolate festival....there's the truffle festival in Alba; the coffee & chocolate shops in Torino, Aceto Balsamico shopping in Modena & a vist to the PEK superstore in Milano. But enough about Italy. Don't forget the tapas bars of Spain, the pubs of the British Isles & the Guinness in Ireland ( the Guinness in Ireland !!)

It will also be good to catch up with friends & family. Looking forward to seeing you all.

So sit back & enjoy as I tease the senses & share with you my passion for food, wine & all things bad for you.

I will post as often as I can.