Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A visit to San Gimignano

Another of the hilltop towns of Tuscany that the Wilson clan visited was the very picturesque town of San Gimignano.

We were there on a Sunday and I have to say that is was one of the best towns we’ve visited in the region.

We wandered the streets, taking in all the towers the city is famous is for, had a snack in one piazza....doing our own little “passegiatta” through the town.

The highlight was lunch at this very famous sandwich place called “Dal Bertelli”. The family can trace its origin in San Gimignano back to the 1770’s (there is a copy of the family tree on display in the store).

The Bertelli family tree
The current artisan is called Brunello (“like the wine” he says)

He offers a simple sandwich of one cheese (a young pecorino) and two salamis: a normal Tuscan salami and one flavoured with fennel. He also has a selection of local-sourced wines.

The sandwiches are fresh made and generously sized.

Brunello doing what he does best - making sandwiches

After a day’s wandering around Tuscan hilltop towns, it was time to kick back at the villa.

This night’s meal was veal saltimbocca with a yummy dessert of fresh berries and white chocolate.



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